Executive Coaching

Leaders look to coaching for many reasons, including taking on new challenges, maximizing performance, building strong relationships, increasing effectiveness, managing change, advancing career development, overcoming challenges and achieving results faster. Whatever the reasons, the coaching process addresses five key areas

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Assess Needs. Coaching starts with learning about the situation and its impact. This includes understanding the overall coaching objectives, gaining insight into the client’s organization and key contacts, identifying specific situations that illustrate the client’s strengths and challenges, and defining what success will look like. Tools can include interviews with key stakeholders, assessments and observation.

Agree on Objectives. Knowing what success will look like is critical.  The client, coach and key stakeholders establish specific objectives and target outcomes. We also discuss the nature of the coaching engagement including accountability, confidentiality and the coaching process.

Coaching Approach. The specific coaching approach used depends on client needs and learning preferences. Typically, coaching involves supporting the client to develop self and situational awareness, exploring opportunities and options, and moving to action and results. It capitalizes on a client’s strengths while addressing blind spots and behaviors that are interfering with achieving desired outcomes.

Coaching is impacted by what occurs between sessions. The coach and client set the agenda for each session and establish between-session objectives for which the client is accountable. The coaching may include suggested readings or other materials.

Measure Success. We establish touch points to evaluate progress and to determine progress during and at the end of the engagement. Depending on the situation, measures may be qualitative and/or quantitative such as self-assessment, other-assessment, and relevant business metrics.

Sustain Change. To maximize impact we build accountability into the development process and identify ways to reinforce newly acquired behaviors.

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Leadership Development

Organizations – We support organizations with customized tools and training to facilitate their leadership initiatives. Examples include developing a company leadership strategy, creating an internal coaching program and designing specific leadership initiatives.

Examples of customized training include “Leader as Coach” programs that support a coaching style of leadership, as well as programs that help leaders set goals and expectations, establish accountability, use influential behavior and strengthen personal resilience.

Teams – Teams may strive to work together better, govern themselves for greater effectiveness, or seek support to attain specific outcomes. We work with teams and boards, directly, as well as coaching leaders to help their teams achieve results.


“Francesca has been instrumental in helping me to successfully influence change in a very fast paced, high growth environment. She has a keen ability to zero in on key issues. I trust her experience and insight and have recommended her with confidence to other executives.” EVP, Chief Lending Officer, Private Bank

“Francesca supported my professional journey by helping me to get off the dirt road and get onto a superhighway – without falling into the ditch along the way.” VP, Environmental, Gas and Oil

“Francesca knows how to drive organizational change. She helps leaders engage employees in the vision for change and supports them with tools and skills to take giant steps forward, anticipate and overcome obstacles, and celebrate accomplishments. Her innovative initiatives led to measurable improvements in leadership trust, employee engagement and teamwork, as well as improved performance that positively impacted employee sales and productivity.” CEO – Fortune 500 organization

“I felt I was taking the long road. For me coaching was a smarter play. Coaching with Francesca provided me an opportunity to channel my efforts and evaluate my thinking. I had accountability and increased focus.” Business Leader, Information Technology and Services

I have found Francesca’s insight and feedback extremely valuable. She asks thought provoking questions that have allowed me to deal effectively with a variety of issues. I highly recommend Francesca as a coach.” Sr. Director, Financial Reporting & Analysis – $1B+ Financial Services