About Coaching

What is Coaching – Coaching is a partnership that helps you generate solutions and helps you get to where you want to go more quickly.

Getting the Most out of Coaching – Take a look at factors that maximize coaching success.

Getting Started – First steps when you decide you’re ready for a coach.

Leadership Briefs

Coaching as a Leadership Style – Leaders who manage with a coaching style support high performance and employee development.

Influencing Without Authority – The ability to influence without authority can help you accomplish objectives, gain commitment and build teamwork.

Published Works

What is Your Corporate Culture – Different work cultures require different leadership skills. Posted by smucoxexeced in Leadership 14 Monday May 2012

Moments of Truth – How do we ensure consistency between our values and our actions?  Published in Leadership Excellence, Summer 2011.

Midlife Job Search – Today’s job environment requires new approaches to managing a job search, especially for midlife job seekers. Published in Career Planning and Adult Development Journal, Spring 2010.

Spotlight: Francesca Spinelli- Vision, Passion and Purpose – Francesca’s profile is published in Live Your Dreams Change the World, by Joanne Gavin, James Campbell Quick and David. G. Gavin. 2013

Presentation Highlights

Bouncing Back
– Understanding and Building Resilience

Boosting Your Happiness during a Job Search
– Tips from the Science of Positive Psychology

Planning and Setting Goals
– A Guide for Individual Action Planning